Gruppo Italiano Vini - Pastrengo Headquarter

WPura Water Treatment Systems with Supervisor

GRUPPO ITALIANO VINI is the first Italian winery and among the first companies in the world active in the production and selling of fine wines. The Group owns 15 historic wine cellars, with well-known brands all over the world, surrounded by beautiful vineyards (about 1,340 hectares) and located in the most prestigious wine-growing areas of Italy. Founded in 1986, the Group is based in the eighteenth-century Villa Belvedere on the Garda Lake.
Gruppo Italiano Vini has a peculiarity that makes it unique in the international wine scene: it has been able to combine the virtues of the small structure with the advantages of large companies. Despite being part of the largest Italian wine group, GIV's realities are more like souls with their own personality and with their own characteristics, whose only common factors are the quality of the products and a future-oriented corporate vision.
Cantina Lamberti, founded in 1964 with headquarters in Pastrengo (VR), is the winery of Gruppo Italiano Vini that produces and bottles classic wines of the local tradition, combining them with a range of the most important Italian denominations from the wineries of the Group. This winery also produces the Turà, one of the most popular sparkling Italian wines.


With a production that exceeds 3 million bottles per month, for GIV - Cantina Lamberti it is essential to optimize the consumption of water: the benefits deriving from the rationalization of consumption, in fact, are more evident as more complex are the operations in the winery.
Multiple bottling shifts, wine changes and frequent washings are all typical operations of wineries that require large amounts of water. In these cases, the failure to improve supply, consumption and discharges leads to the accumulation of waste and consumption that can be harmful not only for the environment, but also for the business due to the high costs of primary water and purification.


For GIV – Cantina Lamberti Win & tech has created two Win&Pura twin implants for Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis of primary water. Based on the experience gained with other GIV companies (Monte Porzio, Fontana Candida), we have designed these systems following the same philosophy of constant production and medium intensity, which allows to manage in an optimal way both the consumption peaks and the variations in the quality of incoming water, protecting the customer from the risk of sudden changes in the characteristics of the primary water and its availability.
The choice of supplying two twin systems derives from the need of Cantina Lamberti-GIV to have continuity of production even in case of unforeseen circumstances: the systems have a production potential of 500 m3 per day and produce water suitable for use in the food industries, where the two main drivers are contact with food and compatibility with machine’s surfaces.


To perform complex operations in a winery not only advanced systems, but also sophisticated management of their capacities are needed.
In addition to the Win&Pura systems, for GIV - Cantina Lamberti we have created a supervisor which is responsible not only for the coordination between the two systems, but also for the upstream and downstream phases of water production.


The supervisor is able to manage the accumulations of primary water and to command the start or stop of the systems when certain thresholds are reached; moreover, it recognizes the production peaks and calibrates the production of water evaluating the requests coming from the winery.


The water, inside the large cellars, must be available in constant quantity, to meet the different production needs without the risk of interruption.
Win & Pura systems have been designed with a high level of automation. The systems are in fact autonomous from any operator intervention and they work completely independently, without the need for any supervision. Dialogue with the employee is requested only in case of need.
The optimization of production processes and the support for industrial automation processes make the systems installed at GIV-Cantina Lamberti enter the Industry 4.0 category by right.

To allow operators to intervene correctly in the event of a request from the plants, we have structured ad hoc training courses. In this way GIV - Cantina Lamberti is now completely autonomous in the management of ordinary operations.
Furthermore, as usual, the Win&Team assistance package, which provides constant remote support from the operators, hes been made available to the customer.
It is of course always possible to organize on-site interventions in case of need.
Because in a Win&Pura plant there is not only a product, but a team ready to support the Customer, which helps to make the management of the cellar water safe and controlled.


In 2021 GIV - Cantina Lamberti launched the second step of the water management project of its plant.
Since 2017, our Win & Pura plants have been continuously treating water allocated for the plant, in maximum safety. What we wanted to add with this new step is the ability to manage this resource even more accurately within the cellar.
In fact, the project involved an intervention aimed at the recovery and subsequent treatment of the water intended for bottle washing, recovering approximately 35,000 liters of water every day.
Among the various advantages, it has been possible to avoid wasting this important amount of water in the purifier. At the same time, the extraction of new resources from the well has been significantly reduced.
Completed in early summer 2021, the project is now underway and allows GIV - Cantina Lamberti to manage its consumption optimally, ensuring excellent use of resources.
Combining economy and environment is really possible.