Wine washing

One of the most important aim of bottling systems is to maintain the quality of the product, in such a way as to respect the work of the oenologist in the cellar.
The same attention should be applied to safeguarding the production quotas, reducing or totally eliminating the remaining parts derived from the wine washing of the packaging machines.
The wine washing operations require sensitive quantity of the product, which not only involve further management operations, but also lead to a loss of product quality.
With the patented Win&Tech system, it is possible to avoid recovery operations in the cellar and qualitative losses, redosing the product immediately on line.

The wine is recovered and stored in a tank, once the wine washing procedures have been completed and the production has started, this reserve will be gradually redosed to a controlled concentration, until the stock is completely exhausted.
The system is available for both still and sparkling wines, in this case the tank will be replaced by an autoclave, always keeping the process in isobaric.

It allows to eliminate waste of product during the process.
it integrates into the system minimizing the overall dimensions.
It safeguards the sanity of the bottling procedures.
It allows to constantly protect the quality of the bottled wines.

An innovative system for microfiltration and bottling plants, in line with the policy of constant attention to waste and discharges of our plants.