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Over the years, Win&Tech has selected products and technologies in accordance with its business philosophy.

Based on our experience, we offer our customers solutions that can provide excellent performance in various application areas:


We choose our filtration devices following our philosophy of less water, heat and chemicals involved in the filtration and sanification process. Together with our partner Parker-Dominick Hunter we selected a range of filtration cartridges suitable for new sanification and regeneration procedures without consequences on product saefty. We believe that through efficiency and the long lifecycles we can support you in lowering you costs while improving the output of your production process.


Solutions for microbial testing in the food industry must be precise and reliable, since the final product must comply to the rules and be safe for final customers. Our experience makes us an ideal partner when it comes to hygene monitoring, both in machineries and environment. We choose our products driven by the idea that a higher automation brings to cost reduction and higher performances, both in terms of speed and reliability. Our portfolio includes, between the others, the following products: - Membrane filters, funnels and manifolds; - Universal devices like Petri dishes and culture mediums; - Disposable Chlorine and Peroxide tests.


Our chemicals are complementary to our in-house-designed doser included in our systems: thus, we choosed this products following our philosophy and looking for low environmental impact and reliability.


For all the other applications we provide a custom advisory service in the choice of the right technologies. Our personnel, that includes engineers and technichans, is a high added value in case of new challenges in the food&beverage indusrty.