Twenty years of tailor-made technology

Win & Tech was born in 2000 as a distribution company of process filters and microbiological control materials for food companies. Our nearly 20-year experience in filtration processes and the profound knowledge that comes from this have led us to design and realize membrane separation technologies for the beverage industry, with particular specialization in the wine industry. Currently, our company's core business is the design of automated systems and complex software systems serving the beverage industry. Like wine, our applications are alive: they adapt to the needs of our customers, evolve with them, and accompany the growth of the realities that choose us as partner.

A worthwhile investment in time
Because a safe system is also more efficient
We help the environment and maximize investment


Behind every business there is someone who has taken a courageous decision

Fabio Giuliani

Previously manager in a primary multinational company, I am currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Win & Tech.

Stefano Boin

Win & Tech's founding partner, of which I'm currently managing director without giving up everyday field presence, in order to offer first-hand answers to our customers.
Commercial trained, I have worked for 15 years in a leading multinational group in the industrial filtration and beverage sector.

Claudio Mugnaini
Sales Director

The wine, the cellar, the processes and the dynamics of the wine industry are my world since ever.
I offer my technical and commercial support for the design of the winery at all stages, from vinification to storage, from refinement to packing. I joined Win & tech since 2012 and became a member in 2016, choosing to return to my first passion, filtration.

Matteo Zandonà
Software Development Manager

I worked in the water industry for five years and then went to the beverage industry, especially enological, with my entry in Win&tech in 2012. Since 2016 I am a member of Win&tech.
Technology is a primary part of my job and life, every day I work to ensure the highest performance of Win&tech software at the service of our customers.