Every day at your side with the right tools

Not always buying an implant is a possible option both for lack of initial capital and for the willingness of companies to capitalize their investments more. It often happens that a company needs to equip itself with a plant, but it postpones that decision for budget needs and / or waiting to receive public resources / contributions.

For this reason, our company takes advantage of the collaboration with specialized operators in the regulatory and financial sector, to provide our customers with all the different solutions that enable them to equip themselves with Win&Tech systems.
In fact, we believe that true professionals, careful to their costumers needs, have to support them not only in what to buy, but also in how to buy it.

Win&tech has therefore developed solutions over time that enable its customers to test our machines for a short time and also to make it the foundation of their production relying on Win&Tech for a longer period of time
This is the support we offer to virtuous businesses committed to gaining new market space every day and who need partners to support their efforts.


The operating lease formula is designed to provide security in financial planning without additional cost variables. Win & tech takes advantage of partners from the nation's leading on a national and international level to provide mid-term solutions, including technical and maintenance assistance, which enable you to have the system without the need for initial capital. Unlike a normal leasing, the operating leases do not have to be recorded in assets and the tax is deductible. In addition, as a commercial transaction there are no reports in Risk Centers.


For customers who have planned to purchase an implants in the short term, but want to benefit from it right away, Win&Tech offers customized solutions for up to 12 months short-term rental. This solution allows you to combine your budget needs with the convenience of being able to produce it right away paying a monthly fee of a pre-determined amount. Win&tech also encourages the purchase at the end of the agreed rental period. Charges are, in fact, discounted by the initial cost of the plant.

Win&tech also collaborates with leading professionals to provide an answer to the growing need of their customers to find information on funding opportunities offered by both public and private institutions. Our team is constantly up-to-date with the latest news on financial issues (eg Nuova Sabatini, regional plans) to guide and support our customers in choosing the best opportunity.

Win&tech also collaborates with professionals for assessing the compatibility and compliance of the investments designed by its customers with the criteria and requirements of National Industry Plan 4.0, in particular for obtaining hyper-amortization, super-amortization, credit R&D tax.