Win&Fit, the innovative instrument for measuring wines filterability index

Win&Tech gave life to Win&Fit, a tool designed and developed for measuring the filterability index in an fully automatic way.

Win&Fit is a compact and flexible tool with simple and intuitive interface, very easy to use. Win&Fit minimizes operator intervention in performing the test and cleaning the instrument.
Win&Fit perfectly simulates the condition in which a wine flows through a filtering membrane at controlled pressure, measuring its flow and determining the filterability index with extreme precision and reliability.


Win & Fit is equipped with a touch screen display with simple and intuitive graphics

Win&Fit is an ergonomic and compact tool. Thanks to its small size, it is easily transportable. Even inside the laboratory it requires very little space, allowing you to work comfortably and safely.
The Win&Fit display is completely touch. With its extremely intuitive graphics it allows anyone to perform the test in a few simple steps. Just set the basic parameters and start the test, the instrument will start the analysis process, at the end of which the results will appear on the screen.
The innovative Win&Fit system has a pressurization pump with speed control, which allows to obtain the test result no longer by weighing, but by analyzing the flow rate variation of the pump itself. Therefore, the use of balance is not required.
Win&Fit requires minimal human intervention: the operator has only to take the sample to be placed under the instrument, and start the process. At this point the system, in a completely automated way, will push the liquid through the filter membrane, collecting the necessary data for the test result.
The device is equipped with a USB connection: should the operator need it, it will be possible to export the data model in a really simple and fast way. In fact, just insert the USB key into the appropriate port and extract the desired data.
Win&Fit already comes with a power supply and a beaker for the filtered product, a USB key is also provided. Win&Fit is packed in a trolley case, perfect for transporting the instrument.

Win&Fit will be available from January, 1st 2021.

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