Green Worths

Filtration systems and washing procedures involve considerable consumption of energy and water.
Our research and development team is committed to finding efficient solutions that make it possible to rationalize the use of resources: not only because we believe in a more ecological and green business model, but also because we know how much waste can affect the balance sheet of a company.
After twenty years of applications, our washing philosophy takes the name CLEANING NO WASTE.

Sustainability according to Win&Tech.

Traditional methods of sanitation result in high water consumption, which correspond to a similar amount of drainage water. In addition, excessive energy consumption is also a waste that can be avoided by some means.
Aware of the criticalities inherent in this process, we have designed our dedicated sanitation facilities to reduce the waste of water and energy.

Responsible use of chemical products.

In addition to cutting down on water and energy consumption, the technology developed for our sanitation plants allows us to employ a smaller amount of chemical products. Savings and rationalization of the resources used also bring crucial attention to the latest safety requirements, precisely monitoring the amount of product involved in order to use the minimum required, avoiding waste and reducing the concentration of chemicals in water drain.

Reducing processing waste.

Wine processing byproducts (lees and grains) may represent up to 20% of total production. Other discards due to the number of traps, machinery start-up procedures and quality controls should also be added.
To reduce the volume of waste, Win&tech proposes leakage recovery systems and a patented system for retrieval and redesign of start-up waste. Thanks to this up-to-date system, it is possible not only to avoid the production of waste, but also the storage of bottled byproducts.