The historical Spumante company was founded in Valdobbiadene in 1949 by Giuliano Bortolomiol. A figure of primary importance in the world of Prosecco, a convinced supporter of the Charmat method, an intuitive and highly skilled sparkling winemaker, in 1960 he was the first to make Prosecco Brut.
Today the same spirit of innovation drives the daughters, who support the family business with passion and intuition. Strong is the spirit of environmental responsibility and the creation of a unique bond with the territory of the hills of Prosecco di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The choice in the Win & Clear system for the preparation of wines starts from the necessity to respect the sparkling bases during the filtration phase. The fully automatic process management has made it possible to save 30% of water compared to the previous manual type of system.
The Win&Clear orthogonal filtration maintains the initial organoleptic characteristics of the wine and brings the product to index.