Tenimenti CIVA

Win&Guard C / Win&Clear


Tenimenti CIVA was born in 2016 in Bellazoia di Povoletto, in the province of Udine.
Here Valerio Civa begins an important production project dedicated mainly to the native vines Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, Refosco dal peduncolo rosso and Schiopettino, to spread quality Italian wine in modern distribution.
The company is a combination of tradition and innovation, the wines obtained from cutting-edge technologies respect the tradition of the Colli Orientali del Friuli territories.


For the construction of the new 15,000 square meter covered 4.0 production cellar in Povoletto (UD), Tenimenti CIVA chooses Win&tech for the management of all wine recovery processes, wine filtration in the cellar and before bottling.

Automatic tangential systems and the Win&Clear 13.24 automatic orthogonal filtration system for the preparation of still and sparkling wines before bottling.

Subsequently, the products enter the bottling area where they are processed by the Win&Guard C 23.12 alternating double-line microfiltration system.
Plant designed to carry out the CIP washing of a line, guaranteeing continuous productivity to the filler. In this way, downtime for washing and line changes is eliminated, maximizing productivity in full 4.0 style. The well-known Win&Back patent for the recovery and re-dosing of still and under pressure wines completes the system.