Win&Guard C


Founded in 1973 by Mario Barbero, Cantina Vignaioli Elvio Pertinace was born as a cooperative made up of thirteen members, in the Treiso area. The seat is located in the "Pertinace" hamlet, where the emperor Publius Elvio Pertinace was born.
From the very beginning, the viticultural production was focused on Nebbiolo grapes, suitable for producing Barbaresco. A constant growth in production and sales made it possible in the following decade to expand the cellar spaces and equip them with the best tools. In 2005 the name changed to “Pertinace”.
In 2014 the cellar was further renovated and, by acquiring a new structure, also saw the birth of a new bottling and packaging area. The production went beyond the Italian and European borders and also extended to more distant markets.
Nowadays, the Pertinace winery boasts a total of 110 hectares of vineyards and an annual production of about 800,000 bottles, synonymous of success and constant growth.


Pertinace has chosen Win & Tech for the construction of a microfiltration system with CIP on board - Win&Guard C, thus confirming once again the confidence of Piedmontese producers in our company.
It is a compact and complete system, which performs all the production of the utilities necessary for sterilization and microfiltration, once again fully being part of the 4.0 category.
Pertinace, a high-quality manufacturer attentive to detail and product care, has delegated to our system the production for other cellar applications as well: a further demonstration of the various customization possibilities of our systems.