Win&Guard C-E


Cantina Avanzi, located in Manerba del Garda, boasts a tradition of more than eighty years in the world of wine.
The passion that has always characterized the Avanzi family has led it over the years to seek continuous innovation. Significant, in 2007, the inauguration of the new cellar, which included the installation of modern equipment to always guarantee excellent winemaking.
The whole production is made with love and wisdom, giving importance to the various phases of growth, drying and vinification, to obtain a product of excellent quality.
Quality which is also evident in the production of beer, to which the company has been dedicated since 1999. Avanzi is in fact one of the first micro-breweries of the whole Italy. The beer of Cantina Avanzi is neither filtered nor pasteurized, and therefore, as they define it “always evolving”.


For Cantina Avanzi, Win&Tech has designed and built a Win&Guard C - E Microfiltration System with automatic CIP, a more compact version of the ordinary microfiltration systems, specifically designed to optimize space while still benefiting from technology 4.0.
The customer needed a system that would allow the microfiltration of pre-bottling wine, and above all that would allow, through the integrated CIP system, to wash and sanitize a filler serving different products.
The amazing functionality of the washing CIP at the service of the filler allows the customer to use it both for wine (still and sparkling) and for beer, refermented in the bottle.
Cantina Avanzi simbolizes the "state of the art" of our closed cycle washing philosophy, the synthesis of a functional and versatile system.