Fantini Group

Win&Guard C


Fantini was founded in 1994 by 3 partners, deeply in love with the world of wine. A truly ambitious program has begun with them: the creation of a successful winery, not having its own vineyards, by managing the project through a whole selection of vineyards in the most suitable areas, and a series of long-term agreements with farmers. Over the years, the company structure has evolved, while maintaining the same operational management and thus transforming the initial dream into a great reality.
With a constantly growing production, Fantini is today a leader in production and distribution in central and southern Italy. The company, even in this difficult pandemic period, has been able to exploit its potential by focusing on the foreign turnover and the off-trade network, thus confirming itself as a great entrepreneurial success.


A dynamic company, which makes flexibility one of its strengths, Fantini has been forward-looking and acute also through the choices made along the path of collaboration with Win&Tech.
For Fantini, Win&tech has created two twin, fully automated, microfiltration systems with integrated CIP Win&Guard C.
There are several important options on board of the plant: the by now consolidated Win&Back, a system for in-line redosing of wine scraps to safeguard production quotas, and the new and efficient pre-bottling wine temperature management system.
We thank Fantini group for the considerable investment made, a demonstration of esteem and trust in us.