Cantina di Soave


The Company

Cantina di Soave is one of the primary and most qualified realities of the Italian and international wine scenario.

Established in 1898, it is constantly extending its vineyards and production sites, which have allowed it to expand the range of offered wines as well.

Through an avant-garde grape selection system, Cantina di Soave is able to differentiate its production, thus responding to the different market needs.

Its products vary from the most suitable for daily consumption, to the prestigious ones, distributed all over the world.

The winery operates in over 50 countries around the world, with half of the annual production allocated for export.

The System

The goal of Cantina di Soave was to provide the production departments with excellent quality water, while at the same time eliminating the costs necessary for the management of traditional treatment technologies.

The chosen systems are two Win&Pura, with production capacities of over 20 cubic meters/hour. The high level of automation allows the intervention of operators to be minimized. The Supervisor, in addition to constantly monitoring the efficiency of the two systems, records water consumption, allowing the analysis and rationalization of resources, eliminating waste and optimizing its use in the various departments.

The commissioning of the new primary water treatment department has been completed in April 2020, in full Covid lockdown. A demonstration that our systems, supported by efficient technical coordination, have really fast installation and start-up times.

Win&tech, in every application, always sets as its primary objective the reduction of the resources necessary for their operation. This philosophy is, today more than ever, essential for sustainability. We want to tank Cantina di Soave for believing in these values choosing us to satisfy his needs, thus understanding how much these solutions generate savings and quality.