Limoux Conditionnement

Win&Guard C


LIMOUX CONDITIONNEMENT is a simplified joint stock company, working from 4 years. The company is based in Pieusse, north of Limoux, and it is specialized in packaging activities.

The company has been founded in 2017, as a consequence of the important investment made by the two largest cooperative wineries of the area, for the creation of a common production site. The main feature of the project has always been the orientation to product quality but also to processes, performance and personnel safety.

A true agri-food unit, equipped with the best machineries on 7000m2, of which 3000m2 for storage, this center is able to bottle up to 16 million bottles and 1.2 million BIBs.

Four main objectives of the company:

  • Saving of resources, to ensure excellent performance while protecting the environmental impact
  • Products quality: wines control upon receipt and at all stages of storage and bottling
  • Process flexibility: high performance automated lines
  • Safety of employees and products: optimized and ergonomic working conditions


Attention to product quality and the desire to automate the lines were the common purposes of Win&Tech and Limoux.

The Win & Guard C microfiltration system in fact allows a fully automatic process management, the layout in double alternating lines allows also to optimize bottling times without ever stopping production.

Everything is carried out in a closed cycle, that is to say without disposable waste, allowing a strong saving both of consumption and from the environmental point of view, guaranteeing the total microbiological health of the entire line.

Last but not least, the complete traceability of the Win&Guard system processes allows the company to always have the various operations under control, thus guaranteeing a very high level of safety both from the point of view of production and in terms of working conditions.