Brasseurs Savoyard

Cip - Win&Clean


Although it is a young and dynamic company, Les Brasseurs Savoyards is a well-known brand among French breweries. The company, after a period of crisis, was taken over in 2014 by the young Honorati brothers. Since then, it has experienced a sudden growth in recent years and its products are consistently at the top of the main European competitions in the sector.


For Les Brasseurs Savoyards project, Win&tech provided a clean in place system for the entire brewery. Created in collaboration with the partner companies GAI France and Actemium, the CIP communicates and distributes the sanitization solution to the two filling monoblocks GAI, the drum whisk, the centrifuge, the Actemium product treatment group, as well as the tanks and other utilities of the customer.
The whole process is completely automatic and managed through dialogue between the various machines and utilities. In addition, the entire process is all designed in order to save resources, through a logic of maximum reduction of waste operations and significant savings in energy, water and chemicals.