Giusti Wine



The Giusti Wine company was born and grown on an original fund with vineyards dating back to 1945. Ermenegildo Giusti, after spending a period in Canada, started investing in Italy, his homeland, in 2002 and bought a first fund of two hectares, from which Giusti Wine started rising.
The reality has grown quickly and from the first vineyard, planted in 2006, the current estates cover now an area of ​​about 125 hectares.
The philosophy of Giusti Wine has always been very clear: quality is always first, but respect for the environment and the beauty of the area must never be neglected.
The company wonderful territory consists of several estates between the hills of Montello and the Piave, which, with an ideal embrace, surround the territory of the Abbey of Nervesa della Battaglia, in eastern Veneto, between Treviso, Venice and Asolo.
Just a few steps from the Abbey is located the headquarters of the Giusti Wine cellar, designed to integrate into the landscape, reproducing the shape of the surrounding hills.
With its wonderful structure, it perfectly embodies the corporate values: respect for nature, environmental, social and economic sustainability, care for beauty and goodness and a culture of hospitality


Always attentive to respecting the oenological quality of the product, in 2019 Giusti Wine took the first step with Win&Tech, investing in filtration for the preparation of cellar wines and purchasing our Win&Clear 13.18 orthogonal filtration system.
The following year, the company decided to renew its trust in Win&Tech by installing a fully automated pre-bottling filtration system, Win&Guard C 13.05.
The system is characterized by some peculiarities, in particular the Win&Back option for the recovery of wine washing remaining parts and the protection of production quotas. With the patented Win&Tech system, it is in fact possible to avoid the recovery operations in the cellar, and the subsequent qualitative losses, by immediately redosing the product in line.
Constant attention to the optimization of closed cycles and the minimization of waste, which once again underline the care of environmental sustainability that the company places in every phase of production and distribution.