Sergio Soria

Castiglione Tinella


Soria Sergio winery can boast an exceptional location in the productive heart of Moscato d'Asti. Thanks to its careful clones selection, it is able to produce wines that enhance the characteristics of the soil in a splendid grape, rich in acidity and aromas.

Starting from the expansion of the cellar in 2008, Matteo Soria directly has followed and still follows the renewal of the new bottling line, placed in 2020 to expand the bottle production volumes.

The recent interventions on the systems, including the Win&Guard C system installation, let the winery to save significantly both in terms of energy and water consumption, allowing it to be the first Piedmontese company to obtain the "Equalitas - Sustainable Winery ".


The System

The collaboration between this brilliant reality and Win&Tech was born from the customer's ability to realize how much their product needed an automatic system that could fully protect itself.

A delicate wine such as Moscato, in fact, requires impeccable hygiene and cleanliness at every stage of production, in order to be always flawless and constant in its organoleptic characteristics.

Win&Tech has thus created a microfiltration and CIP system designed specifically for the customer's reality, allowing him to constantly monitor his production and obtain the desired results.