Milazzo Vini

Microfiltration and CIP Win&Guard C system


Azienda Agricola G. Milazzo is a Sicilian wine reality, pioneer of the enhancement of the island's indigenous viticulture, but at the same time innovative, being the first Sicilian producer to have ventured into the field of the Classic Method.

The constant focus on experimentation, research, method and high quality have meant that today we can talk about Sicilian Classic Method, of which Azienda Agricola G. Milazzo is an ambassador in Italy and all over the world. The high quality can be found in the whole range of white and red wines, produced by the company in a certified organic regime.


The cooperation between Milazzo and Win&Tech is the result of the wish to modernize the bottling line, in order to guarantee the best quality among all the packaging process. The company wanted an automatic microfiltration system for sparkling and still wines.

Pre-bottling filtration has been entrusted to a Win&Guard C system, serving a line of 5000 bottles/hour.

It is a single-line three-stages system: all the operations are automatically managed, form the starting tank to the bottle, including the feed pump. All the lines, including the new fille, are automatically washed and sanitized by a Win&Clean CIP system, integrated into the plant.

The complete automation and the solid principles always supported by Win&Tech, has allowed Vini Milazzo to save a lot in terms of energy consumption, most of all if compared to the previous management and washing methods. The traceability of each operation is an additional guarantee of the very high quality of the products bottled by Vini Milazzo.