Siro Pacenti

Win&Clean CIP System + Custom Microfiltration stage

Siro Pacenti was founded in 1970 with the purchase of the property in Montalcino (Pelagrilli) by Siro. In those years some important -and still existing - vineyards were planted on the clayey and fresh soils of the side facing Siena. Giancalo, who is in charge of the company, started his activity in 1988.
The current twenty-two hectares of vineyards are entirely planted with Sangiovese, which in Montalcino finds its highest expression in terms of purity. Where a great land, a climate and an exceptional exposure meet the know-how of a great man, Sangiovese is able to express at its best.


The customer's need was a system able guarantee the hygiene of the filtration line without the intervention of an operator; moreover, all the operations performed by the plant should have been traceable by exploiting the flexibility of the software.
In addition to following the indications received from the customer, Win&tech has paid particular attention to cutting-edge materials and components; furthermore, the plant was tailor-made both to respect the space constraints and to be integrated with other existing systems.
The satisfaction generated by this system led Siro Pacenti to choose Win&tech again for other specific components of the cellar.