Barone Ricasoli

WGuard C Microfiltration system with CIP

Ricasoli is a winery located in the Chianti Classico area whose lands extend for over 1200 hectares of land, 235 of which are vineyards; other 26 around the Brolio castle hosts olive trees.
Founded in 1141, Ricasoli is the oldest company in Italy and has always been producing quality wines: the vineyards of Ricasoli are all hilly with altimetries ranging from 180 to 490 meters, mainly exposed to South / South-West. The major part of the production consists of Sangiovese (which finds here its ideal environment to develop its potential), but also non-native varieties such as Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon are cultivated.
Since the invention of the current Chianti formula by Baron Bettino Ricasoli, the company has been characterized by its great attention to its territory: the sustainability of both agricolture and production process, in fact, is demonstrated by works of great interest such as the study of the zonation of the Brolio area, which highlighted the presence of nineteen different soils.


For Barone Ricasoli we designed a Microfiltration system with automatic CIP for the sanification of the microfiltration line and the new bottling machine.
The microfiltration has a double-line layout (2 stages - 3 stages), so that the process can be adapte to the different types of wine, consistently with the attention to detail in the company's DNA. This solution guarantees a customized treatment for every type of wine and allows the switching from one line to another in short time.
The CIP system, on a separate skid but controlled by the same panel, allowed greater flexibility in the setup and was designed to adapt to the layout of the winety, optimizing the available space. The two systems are fully integrated with the filling monobloc: both the sanification sequences and the production phases are managed directly through the complete and user-friendly interface of the microfiltration panel.

Partnerships like the one with Barone Ricasoli allow us to express our full potential. Solutions to specific needs, attention to product quality and respect for details are the aspects in which we can give our best and the common ground on which cooperation leads to great results, like the wines of Baroni Ricasoli.