Tenute del Cerro

WGuard Microfiltration System

WClear Tank-to-Tank SystemC

Founded in 1978 as SaiAgricola, Tenute del Cerro is today a wine company of the Unipol Group recognized both at italian and international level as the the realization of a major oenological project to enhance local excellence. In just a few decades, Tenute del Cerro has become an agricultural reality of prestige and a reference player on all international markets.
Today, Tenute del Cerro counts five estates, four of which wineries in two of the most important regions of Italy with almost 5000Ha of land owned. This unique heritage constitutes the deep soul of Tenute del Cerro, completed by a forward-looking strategy that places each winery as the ambassador of its brand.
Fattoria del Cerro, whose lands are registered in the Register of Vino Nobile and part of Tenute del Cerro, is the largest private producer of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. The breadth and variety of exposure of its vineyards guarantee the possibility of selecting, according to the year, the best grapes, as evidenced by the numerous awards obtained by the international press.


The attention to the quality of the product is the common element, which allowed us to better respond to the customer's needs: today, Fattoria del Cerro uses a Win&Clear tank-to-tank system and a Win&Guard microfiltration system for the bottling phase.
The idea of ​​an orthogonal microfiltration system for the tank-to-tank phase arises from the need to filter quality wines without altering their taste and aromas. Our Win&Clear system was chosen after a comparison with a crossflow system, compared to which it was less impacting from an organoleptic point of view without sacrificing the effectiveness of the process.
Furthermore, an orthogonal filtration system has allowed us to support the customer in its growth strategy, thanks to its performance both in terms of speed and efficiency in automation.
Likewise, the Win&Guard microfiltration system has led to a completely automatic management of the bottling process.