a System that evolves over time

We designed a flexible mycrofiltration system that can be adapted to new necessities for a wine company in Tuscany. This setup was required due to a particular situation: the customer had already scheduled the purchasing of a new filling machine for the following year, but he had the immediate need of changing the old manual microfiltration system. In order to satisfy this request, we designed a manual microfiltration system with an optimized layout for a successive automation, so that it could work with the old filling machine until the purchasing of the new one. After the setup of the new machine, the microfiltration system was modified by adding only the automatic devices (electric panel, sensors and software) without any further modification to the hydraulic systems, since it had been designed to host the new devices. Thanks to a smart designed, our customers succeded in bothn facing an immediate need and taking up a new challenge with a low financial impact.