Win&Clear 13.18 System



Genagricola was born in 1851 with the acquisition of the Ca 'Corniani estate: a vast marshy area not so far from Caorle (VE), still the largest and most extensive reclamation carried out in Italy by a private entity. Thanks to extraordinary hydraulic engineering works and hard and tenacious work, this stretch of Venetian swamp has soon became a cutting-edge agricultural center. Genagricola has immediately became an economic-social model, which grew over time, until it became the protagonist of the Italian agricultural system. Today it is a complex and structured entity which, while remaining firmly linked to agriculture, has been able to look ahead and differentiate production, markets and interests, becoming the agri-food holding of the Generali Italia Group, as well as the largest Italian agricultural company.


Interview with the Enologist Michele Spina, who kindly told about the recent use of the Ganagricola quality wine preparation system, offering some evaluations on the reasons for this choice

-What was the motivation that led you to choose a Win & Clear system?
We were looking for a filter with two fundamental characteristics: ease of use and respect for the product. We found both of them in the Win&Clear 13.18 system installed.

-With which discrimination do you use this technology instead of an alternative filtration such as the tangential one?
We think that a machine must be flawless, but respect for the product and the improvement of the organoleptic characteristics of the wine is fundamental. This filter respects the wine matrix and enhances the characteristics of the product.

-We know that you have made particular products thanks to this system. What were the goals?
The goal was to be able to obtain sparkling wines whose taste-olfactory balance remained intact even in the moment immediately after the filtration, respecting the product. Maintaining the fineness of the wine, which tends to disappear with alternative filters, is also fundamental.

As described above, the world of wine asks us for products that are always fresh and immediately ready for consumption, the filtration phase is one of the steps that allows us to improve this aspect.
In addition to respecting the organoleptic characteristics, the maintenance of the foam has been essential: by using the Win&Tech systems, it maintains all its pleasant characteristics.
The performance of the machine is completed with the excellent results on filterability tests in the pre-bottling and filling phase.